Allen Ballard

I am an ordained Southern Baptist man called by God to preach the Gospel people indiscriminately. My family and I are willing to serve our Lord in whatever capacity that the Holy Spirit leads us. I firmly believe in the inerrant word of God, I also affirm and the never changing truth of scripture. We also believe in the abundant faith and Love which is in Christ Jesus. I am serving as senior pastor to a church and a community that needs the love of Christ both preached and shown by example. I believe that we are called to lead by being a servant first and an example unto the life of Christ.

Serving as Pastor I have a willingness and passion to reach those to whom God places before us. In addition, to lead His great church with a great vision, into the area and arena that would bring about Kingdom growth, both inside and outside the church. Our passion for a dynamic church is fueled by a hunger for knowledge and proclamation of truth found within the Word of God and through the working of the Holy Spirit. This is accomplished by leading, educating the church, and exemplifying the principles found in His Word.


Kevin Badgley


Neil Brassure