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We desire to make an impact on winning the lost for Christ, produce a multitude of servants to send into the Mission Field and be obedient to Gods commands. It is our desire to extend the horizon of Ministry opportunities for the church as a whole and for groups or individuals.

I. Local Missions

It is important for Pigeon River Baptist to be involved in the community and to help make an impact on the future of our environment. Those who take part will become part the army that will bring this community to the Lord. Our goal for the Local Missions is:

  • To help meet the needs of the community and win the lost for Christ through involvement in existing secular and Christian programs.
  • Provide opportunity for our members to implement their God given talents outside the walls of their comfort zone.
  • Increase the opportunity to minister to the lost.

II. Missions Awareness

  • Education is the key to success for support by the congregation. We must develop an awareness of the ministerial needs that exist in different parts of the world.
  • We will also provide accountability to the members for a Missions Budget and information of the ministries that are being carried out as a result of their financial and personal support.
  • Furthermore, we will develop awareness in our congregation for the need to be actively involved in outreach ministry.